Sunday, 27 July 2014

Seaford 2014

Regular readers will know that since Sophie was about 2 years old we have been coming to Seaford to see my sister in law and partner for a little holiday.  It all started with us cat sitting when they got two new cats and needed to go away for a couple of weeks.  They have now grown up and so has Sophie and it is our annual trip and we always look forward to it.
Last year we were going to go fishing on Seaford front but for some reason we never got around to it so our first full day on Saturday that is exactly what we did and Hubby showed Sophie how to cast out and having a smaller rod she became very good at it.
Several years ago we went and Hubby caught quite a few and we gutted and sorted them out, then popped them in the freezer for my SIL for when they came home after their holiday.  Unfortunately we were not that lucky this time and we did not catch anything at all.  Neither did anyone else on the beach that day!
However Sophie did find me some smashing stones and Shell's to draw and add to my lesson slides for next term.
Some lovely boats sailed passed as I was sitting on the beach allowing time to go by and looking for items to draw.  The sun was a little too bright for using the drawing paper and I had forgotten my board to lean  against so no drawing at all in then end, but plenty of just sitting still and listening to the sea coming in and out.  Very soothing!
Also gave me the chance to finish my first book of the summer as well.  I left the fly cover at home so I shall do a post on that when I get back and add it to my book tab at the top of this blog.

We tried again today (Sunday) but still no luck.  Although I do have to say that Sophie is very good at casting out her line and I think it is only a question of time before she is successful.

Tomorrow we should be off to Brighton and see if we can look at the Brighton Pavilion as I have never been inside before.  Not sure about taking pictures but I shall see what I can do.
No sewing yet but I have been trying something else that I have not done for ages!?  I need to get some pictures before I can reveal....................
Take care and see you tomorrow.


Annie Cholewa (aka knitsofacto) said...

I'm finally catching up with everyone after my blog break.

Nothing beats listening to small waves break on shingle when you want to relax I find.

Hope you have the best holiday x

Toffeeapple said...

It looks very relaxing, have a wonderful time.

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