Wednesday, 7 May 2014

WIP - A colourful UFO getting some TLC.

Another UFO which is getting the TLC treatment and hopefully finished off this week
It has been a crazy week even thought it has only been a  four day working week.  Tonight I have had a parent's evening which went well and then iIdrove straight to my very last evening class where I gave the tutor one of my handmade zippered purses as a thank you.
It was a bit embarrassing when she passed it round the room but I am glad that she liked it.
Tomorrow I have a full day and a meeting after school so not much crafting, but last weekend I did manage to dig out the curtains which have been waiting to be made and Sophie and I had some fun with  air drying clay which I shall post about once it has fully dried out and I can pick it up without worrying about it.  iI is nearly done, just some damp areas so I must be patient.

I have also been dabbling with another WIP which I have blogged about in the past and might finally have a solution to the problem which has prevented it from being completed much sooner.  So not much time looking at blogs' but plenty going on behind the scenes.
Many thanks for the comments that have been left over the past two weeks.  I get a lot of page views but very few comments so I do appreciate those that say Hello and I do try to reply as soon as I am in the house and able  to email back.  So,thank you.
Sophie's blog also has items to add but she has her SATs next week so she has rather forgotten about it at the moment.  I am struggling to get an RSS feed to work for her but there is a follower button and I shall try to add Bloglovin for those of you who may wish to read her posts when she adds one.
So, Thursday tomorrow and it is my GCSE Art Textiles group and we have printing to look forward to which they enjoy very much.


Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Just catching up here - I am terribly behind with my blog reading I'm afraid, and I don't think I'm alone in that with May Day falling so soon after Easter.

I'm intrigued by the peek at your stitching in that photo, and the mention of a solution found. I have a couple of pieces I put away years ago that are still waiting for me to puzzle then through, and I must admit that most of the time I forget they're there.

Ali said...

Gosh you are so busy. I don't know how you manage to fit everything in. Hope you get some time to finish your UFO's.
Ali xx

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