Monday, 12 May 2014

Dress a Girl Around the World - Textiles Club Group Project.

Dress a Girl Around the World is a charity which I have been wanting to contribute to for some time.  Click on their title to go to their website.
I have been lucky enough to get some funding so that my Textiles Group can get some fabric and make the dresses from the patterns and instructions on their website.
I need to print off some labels which look like the logo above so that they can be attached to the dresses.  The intention is that every little girl around the world has at least one dress and in some unsettled places in the world girls are seen to be protected by an organisation and may then in turn be safer.  On the website is much more info than I can put here but if you like sewing then this may be for you.
So yesterday I made a mock up in some fabric I had so that the club members could see what the dresses will look like.
I looks very similar to the sun dresses we might have here (UK).  I am going to get the students to add a pocket to the front using the patterns on the website and I have found some lace and ribbon to decorate them.
The gathers at the front are achieved by elastic which the students will be able to do by carefully measuring the turnover and today they were brilliant at checking and double checking again.
The trickiest part for my students could be adding the binding on the armhole which then extends to form the strap but myself and a colleague who helps me with the club will have to perhaps take on this part.
So today we cut out all of the fabric, arm holes, stitched the side seam and pinned up the hem.   They wanted me to just double check what they had done before the next session and I am really proud of how they have taken this challenge on.  They may not be cut EXACTLY to size but they will be made very well and they were very keen to add lace tp create their own pockets to add and offers to bring ribbon in from home came from all directions.  A very lovely and generous group!
This is why I teach.
I will keep you posted on how they get on.


sweetypie said...

brilliant idea, will have a look at that,

Jo said...

a great idea, do you need any fabric? I was given some fabric samples last year by another blogger but I won't use it all, here is the link on my facebook page -

just let me know which you would like and I would love to send you some for your class
Jo x

Twiggy said...

What a lovely idea, this could be the very thing to inspire me to use my scary sewing machine :)
Twiggy x

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