Wednesday, 15 January 2014

More crochet capers - Headbands/Ear warmers

I am not a great fan of hats but neither to I like cold ears.  So just before we went to Austria, I searched the Internet to see if I could make some headband/ear warmers.  I found loads of ideas and decided to try out some crochet versions.

I had some 100% cotton yarn left over from a crochet blanket i made several years ago so I settled down on boxing day to see what I could come up with.
The above one is for me and I decided to add a bit of detail with a crochet square to show where the front is.
I used a very simple stitch which I have now forgotten, I think it was a treble.  Oh I will have to check but seasoned crochet creators will recognise it.  It grew very quickly and I soon had it long enough to go round my head.
I then joined the ends together using a large eyed needle.
Sophie has kindly offered to model it for me here.  It is a little big for her but you get the general idea.
An alternative way to wear it.  Once Sophie saw this, guess what?
I had a request for a purple version for herself.............
So I was quite surprised when a request for a cream one to go with a scarf she had was also put it.  so finally I made three of these and we took them to Austria with us and we worn them a lot.  when we got back to the UK we did not need them as it is pretty warm for the time of year.  However it has rained ever since we got back and I have seen a crochet pattern for an umbrella using granny square stitch!  You stitch it to a frame.  Could be a possibility I suppose!
Take care all.

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Wendy said...

these look very nice...I hate when my ears are cold.

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