Sunday, 12 January 2014

Etsy Shop Semi-shutdown

A lovely picture taken last spring to start off a slightly disappointing post.
I have decided, as I sort out yet another self assessment tax form, to shut down my Esty shop.  It is still there in terms of you can find it but nothing is listed there.
Everything has been moved to my webshop HERE.
There you will find nearly all of the items that were on Etsy and a few others.  Postage has been included in the prices and overseas buyers can calculate costs before they buy to convert currency etc.  The site was built by the son of a blog friend so any problems can be sorted out and I pay for its maintenance.
I hope to complete my A level Art Textiles course at Easter and then my next project will be to try and get the website off the ground more.  I see it being used mainly by UK buyers but mosts of my sales on Etsy were overseas.  I have tried to join the two together.  Paypal is still the main choice of payment but for UK buyers other ways can be accepted once payment has cleared, just like with Ebay really.
We shall see how it goes and I have left my options open with Etsy but time is not on my side at the moment and it seems silly to have to shops at a time like this.
Not featured here or on my shop sites, ( and most of you will not know this) but I do lots of commissions which I do not feature, perhaps I should and I shall start asking clients if I can start to do that in the future.
New Year = New approaches.

1 comment:

MarmaladeRose said...

OO! Yes! You must show your commissions, after all if this is a big part of your work why hide it from prospective customers?
All the best for 2014.
Fi x

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