Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Leather Purse Kit

 If I want to try something new but am not sure about it then I will see if there is a kit that I can make. 
So when we visited Creative Stitches in Exeter (it has a different name but I can not remember it) I saw several leather stands and I stumbled upon this lovely leather purse kit.
 It is made by Simple Way in Newcastle and they have a website.  You can buy a variety of kits including handbags and satchels.  You can also buy ready made.  The prices do vary so this would  be a present or a treat for yourself.
 There are a lot of pieces in the kit and the title of this one is Tardis Purse and it most certainly is.
 7 pieces in all plus more than enough waxed thread in fact there was enough left over that I have used it on parcel tags.  I really like red, in fact my current work bag is red and I thought this would go very nicely.  So one Friday evening when hubby was out and Sophie was tucked up in bed I set to work.
The instructions were very clear and the order that it had to be made in was a little tricky in places but that made it more of a challenge.
 Once the layers were put together loads of pockets soon appeared which made it clear why it was called the Tardis Purse!
Plenty of room and it expands without any strain.  The pig skin used  for the coin purse is overhanging a little here and I think that I can sort that out carefully with a pair of nail scissors.
 Blogger does not like this picture at all, sorry, but you can see the coin section here and all of the poppers are really strong, not cheap at all.
Took me at least a couple of hours to make it properly and knot off securely.  I really liked the look of this kit and the fact that the stand holder allowed me to choose the colour of the thread helped.  My hunch that this would be fun was right and I am so glad that I thought to buy a small coin purse for my best friend's daughter as she loves to make things.  It is ok she does not look at this blog, well I do not think she does.  Anyway it is not the same as the one above and Sophie helped to choose it.
I will admit that I do like the smell of leather (sorry to any vegetarians out there) and this is a lovely smell, not too strong and I feel that this will last for years.
Had great fun trying an area that I have never tried before. 
If you like this sort of thing take a quick look at their website, some lovely items on there.
Off to tackle some of my evening class work as there is another session tomorrow night.  Suffice to say that the giddy heights of my success in the summer has been replaced with a severe lack of time which I am struggling with.  A post in the near future about my first year sketchbook soon but I took some pictures a couple of weeks ago and they were awful.  These dark days and even darker evenings make everything look yellow!
Take care and stay warm.


Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

wow you are so cleaver what a great purse....

Toffeeapple said...

Ooh, I do love an old-fashioned purse! My Mum had one very similar to that but she didn't make it herself, though I think she would have jumped at the chance to do so.

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