Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Handmade Christmas cards

Every year I say that I will start my Christmas cards in August so that I can hand make them all and every year time slips past me.  Well this year I still missed my summer deadline but I have been able to make a few this year.
I did manage to find these pre-cut felt bauble shapes ages ago and had every intention of using them in a scrapbook that I made during our Christmas Cruise last year but never did.  They did not look right in the scrapbook.  So I found them last week and using some peel offs, ribbon and gold 3D paint I set about making a small but special set of Christmas cards.
The white felt showed up really well on the red card and the red felt below looked better on a white background showing through the cut shapes in the felt design.
Unlike the first card I added some sequins to this card using the gold 3D paint to hold them on.  This works really well especially if you let the paint ooze through the central hole and over the top a little as it seems to clamp it down and is much less likely to ping off than using PVA or pritt stick.  I use the same approach when adding sequins to clothes using 3D fabric paint and it will even withstand the washing machine.
A loop of ribbon (which would have looked better if I could have found my gold roll) is at the top and some very sticky stickers to add some glitz. Due to posting I do make sure that my cards are not too bulky so that extra charges are slapped on to it as that can ruin the fun of making the card for someone.  
 This one is much flatter and understated but covered in gold paper and sparkle.
All of the cards have Merry Christmas in either gold or silver lettering around the edge and I bought them ages ago in Hobby Craft in Bristol.  The card stock is lovely and thick so puts up with glue and embellishments being added on the front without the card flopping over.
So a small collection but I do have another 3 laid out ready to put together.  Now I was thinking seeing as I have all of the stuff out on the table that it might be a good idea not to put it all away just yet, but keep making cards then I might fulfil my early Christmas card making promise!
The red one has been sent off in the post and the white one is going to a colleague at work and the gold one has yet to be given but I do have a list.
What have you made for Christmas this year?
Nearly there!!


Twiggy said...

Very pretty indeed. I too, always intend to start my making in August and somehow forget until December:) I've just blogged a few of my makes, haven't done so much this year as we've been sooooo busy !!
Twiggy x

Tatkis said...

Great idea! These cards would be treasured for sure!


Jo said...

the cards look lovely
Jo x
(was sykesssillysite now solstice days)

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