Friday, 22 November 2013

Flower and Lace Zipper Pouch

A couple of weeks ago I made up this pouch with some fabric that had come as a free gift with a magazine.
The ideas in the magazine were to make several quite small zipper pouches and I decided that putting of the fabric together to make a bigger one would be more usable.
 I matched up the fabric to that it followed on to the back of the pouch as well.
 As I was making it I did think that it looked a little on the plain side so I added some 100% cotton lace before I added the zip.  Again I this on to the back of the pouch. 
Love this lace.  I was very lucky to have it given to me some years ago by a lovely lady who used to own a sewing shop and was closing it down to retire.  Very thoughtful of her to give it to me.
 Whilst packing everything back into my sewing box I found this crochet flower that I had made some time ago.  There are two flowers, the top is made using crochet Coton thread which is very fine and requires my full strength spec.  The larger flower is made using 100%b cotton yarn often used to make face or dish cloths.
I made the flower detachable in case the pouch ever needs washing.  Loved making this and that particular weekend I made several things, had a great time.  Really do need to do this much more often!
I have now finished my SSS Swap entry and will be posting it in Truro tomorrow then I want to look at finishing off some other items.  There is a certain quilt upstairs that needs my attention and Yes! I have mentioned this poor quilt before.
Have a good weekend everyone!


Ali said...

The pouch is really pretty. I love the addition of the lace and crocheted flower. Good luck with finishing off your items. I am hoping to get some gifts made this weekend.
Ali x

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

This is gorgeous....

Tatkis said...

Lovely and romantic pouch! Just perfect!


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