Thursday, 10 October 2013

Knitted Snood

As I was leaving work today I felt the first nip in the air of Autumn.
So this cowl/snood that I managed to knit up in a week (probably more quickly than that for anyone else but I made it over several days) will soon be in full use.
I picked this up recently and it knitted up really well..  Anyway,  this knit used one ball of Mega Chunky Rustic and I picked up a flecked purple which is very soft indeed.
Yarn is from FancyYarn.
The ball cost £3.99 and with it was a simple knitting pattern to follow.
This is what it looks like flattened out.  I had a snood in the 1980's which I wore to school in the winter when it was perishing cold and I had to wait for a school bus.  Then a few years ago I asked about snood patterns and I would get blank looks everywhere, now I am falling over patterns and the word snood!  Weird , but then fashion is on a constant cycle.
So to make this snood:
12 mm needles.
Cast on 42 stitches.
Knit 2 x 2 rib (Knit2, Purl 2) repeat this pattern.
Keep knitting until nearly all of the wool is used up.
Cast off.
To make up pin and carefully hand stitch the side seam together to make a continuous loop with the remainder of the wool left over after casting off.
I then folded it in half as shown above.
I was a bit concerned that it would too small but here on "Rose" it is just right.
Teamed with my favourite winter fleece which I can zip up quite a way, it will certainly keep out the draft and chill.
I did make a lovely red snood last winter which I used a lot and will be in use this year too, but I thought this one I could keep in the car and because it is not as big as the red version it will also fit in my hand bag more easily.
What do you have on your knitting needles at the moment?
Maybe started on your festive gifts?


Ali said...

Your snood looks lovely and warm and a gorgeous colour. The minute I read snood I thought of Nik Kershaw (80s singer). Everything comes back round but it's not often we get to wear it the second time round.
Ali x

Indigo Blue said...

Really enjoyed making this. I could make loads but I am not sure that all of my friends would really want one. Scarves are more their thing.

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