Thursday, 31 October 2013

Happy Halloween

 We thought that this year we would try something a bit different with our pumpkins.  So the one shown above is hubby's which has been sprayed with white paint and allowed to harden off and then the eyes and teeth were cut out which splinter off some of the paint.  We thought it was a disaster to start with but then we felt that it added to the scary look of the pumpkin.
 The next one we went for the more traditional approach but highlighted some areas with a marker pen.  This one will go outside with a candle later this evening.
Over the past few years I have always looked at the pumpkins that Alisa Burke designs and said that I should have a go, well this year Sophie and I both decided to try.  Sophie's is the one nearest the front of the picture and has also been sprayed painted with white painted and then once hardened it is decorated with different sized permanent marker pens.  The pens did not smudge at all on the white paint and Sophie created her pumpkin all by herself.  Inspired by the zentangles that we both like doing.
Mine is at the back and I sat in front of the TV with some newspaper on my lap and just kept doodling until I ran out of space.  We have decided to keep these indoors by the fire instead of cutting them for outside.  We all had a lot of fun with these and during the evening there was a programme about supermarkets and how they supply their customers and branches.....guess what?  There was a whole section dedicated just to pumpkins.  Apparently we buy over 2 million in the UK just for carving.  Years ago I remember carving out a pumpkin and using the insides to make some gorgeous pumpkin soup, but today they are basically hollow already and there is nothing there to cook with.....Pity.
Happy Halloween!


Ali said...

Your pumpkins look wonderful and sooo unique. I love them all and think the spray painted one looks very scary. I have sent you an email about the journey your letter went on before it got to me. Happy Halloween.
Ali x

Tatkis said...

Wow, fantastic and unusual pumpkins! Well done!


Lynne said...

Ha! A Zombie Hallowe'en pumpkin! excellent! And I love the decorated ones too.

Wendy said...

Such fun pumpkins! I really like the two that you and your daughter decorated with markers. Looks like you had a great time making these designs. I never thought of doodling on the pumpkins!

foxglovefelts said...

Love your very creative pumpkins - they all look brilliant and very original! Can't wait to make one next year!

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