Monday, 23 September 2013

Make do and Mend

Michelham Abby
I you have the chance to visit Michelham Abby in Sussex then do pop along.  It is an English Heritage property  and seeing as we joined over the summer my SIL took us along so that we could get the use of our membership off to a good start.
I was a bit of a funny old day near the end of August but perfect for taking some pictures for my A2 Art Textiles evening class.
However my main interest ended up in a completely different direction.
The Abby has a very long and involved history which is too long to put here.  However during the war the house was host to quite a lot evacuees and on the upper floors of the house rooms that they used have been set up with articles and pictures of the time.  Plus skills that all hard working Girls and Boys should learn.  
Just take a look at these...........
I have bought a recent print copy of this.

There is an awful of information here that still has a place today, but we perhaps look at things differently now.

What about these?
HHmmmm, not so sure about these..........
These did make me smile but resistant Materials/Product Design in school is still needed.
I am seriously thinking of trying to find this as a poster.  Maybe Ebay or Amazon would have something similar.  have started Year 7 on learning how to sew on a button and I have had to explain at some length why!!
These posters were really fun to look at and still relevant to today in many ways.


Jill Eudaly said...

Interesting, and what is missing today. I meet people all the time that can't cook and forget about mending clothes. Toss out and buy new.

Carol said...

I darned my (handknitted-but-not-by-me) socks the other day. Too nice not to be repaired.
I was glad I still remembered how to do it.
Carol xx

Tatkis said...

Such cute and still useful posters!


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