Sunday, 8 September 2013

Blackberry Express

I was given this cookery book by a very good friend of mine (who may be reading this!) and I am gradually trying out some of the recipes.  Some previous posts can be found in the margin under recipes.
Having come back form my SIL house to find my blackberry runners full of blackberries I thought about what I could do with them.  My SIL had made us a dinner from a cook book that she had never tried before and this gave me the incentive to do something new.
So out came Nigella and I looked in the index and found Blackberry Crisp.  If you have this book it is on page 52.  It is bound to be on her website as well.
Here are the pages and a lovely picture of what it meant to look like.
Here is my attempt....what do you think?
The crispy topping makes a refreshing change from the usual crumble offering and went down really well at dinner today.
The blackberries were just right and the recipe is so easy you could in fact make this when you get in from work and it takes 25 mins to cook.  We had ours with clotted cream, Sophie opted for cold custard.  Vanilla ice cream would be good as well.
Other berries could be used and Nigella also suggests chopped pears if you can not get enough blackberries.
This recipe worked and was a winner.  Well worth a try.


Ali said...

Your blueberry crisp looks delicious. This is one of my favourite recipe books. I haven't tried this recipe. My books very battered and opens automatically at the chocolate chip cookies :)
Have a lovely week.
Ali x

Indigo Blue said...

We are having another serving tonight!!

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