Thursday, 8 August 2013

OPAM July Round Up

While I am still smarting over my Malden Post disappearing I decided to do a little round up of my makes for OPAM July.  I succeeded in finishing 4 items one being a garment which took a bit longer.
First up is my skirt made using some fabric that I have had for some time.

It is 100% cotton so it does crease a bit, I fully lined it with cotton fabric as I do not like nylon lining at all.  I have a simple top edge which has been topped stitched with the lining as I am not a fan of waistbands and the hem has been over- locked and stitched using a slightly larger stitch to prevent puckering.
I used this pattern again........
I made up the version shown in red and white.
It says 1 hour and as I have said in the past it is longer than that really.  I fit them to me by stitching in the zip and side seams and then adjusting the front and back darts accordingly.  This makes it possible to fit it on your own.  I simply make the lining skirt to match and sew them together at the waist.  Flip round and top stitch then add a hook and eye at the top.  The out hem is turned up and stitched, then I take the lining hem up a further 1cm to make sure that it does not peep below the outer skirt hemline.  I took this on holiday with me.
Next up was my monster for the workshop at school.
 A much larger monster than those that I have made over the past few years.  For safety he is staying with me at home but I have had many enquiries from students who want to sign up to this workshop next summer!
Summer Bunting.  Now, I have done two sizes of template and I am waiting for hubby to show me how to make it accessible for everyone to download here but he has had an influx of work since we returned from holiday but it is sitting on his desk.  I shall watch carefully so that I can do it next time.
Then finally some swap items including this hand cut and handmade keyring.  There was also a mug rug but I made that a few months ago.
Not bad really considering how busy July is at work.  I have been busy knitting some mini hats for The Big Knit and I hope to make some outdoor bunting for my garden this month.  Just hope the weather holds, it is a glorious day with blue skies, sun and a light breeze!
Best get back to it.


Toffeeapple said...

When I used to wear skirts, I would not make a waist band either. I have always felt very restricted by them.

I like fabric that creases, especially linen and I think your skirt looks fab.

Jill Eudaly said...

Nice skirt! looks perfect for summer.
Thanks for sharing all you wonderful projects. Nice to see them all.

Tatkis said...

Lovely finishes! Your skirts is charming and the monster is sooo cute :)

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