Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Mollie Makes - Felty Fortune - OPAM August

I have been asked by a lot of students to go back to a weekly Textiles Club after school.  Last year I tried just having workshops that students could sign up to, these were popular but the desire to have something more became apparent.  So I have been spending time finding a range of little projects for them.
I looked through all of my Mollie Makes and found a cute little project, it is in issue 22.
Felt fortune cookies.
Sophie caught sight of what I was up to so we both sat down and set to work.
Very little felt is needed and the templates can be found on the Mollie Makes website.  They suggested that you use fabric to write your fortune cookie message.  I found that actually using paper might be easier for the students to write on and you can still stitch through it.
The hardest bit proved to be the stage when you shape it into a cookie and stitch to keep it in place.  Managed it in the end and with a bit of manipulation of the stuffing you do get what you want.  We used a range of ribbon, I used some that came with an earlier issue of Mollie Makes, but got it upside down, Doh!  So I shall use plain or pattern ribbon with the students.  I also tried one with an Indigo Blue label as well.
I am going to keep this idea and use it when it is the Chinese New Year and look up which animal the students are for the year they were born and other facts.  We did have fun making these, they do not take long and do not use much in the way of materials.
I have a few more projects lined up so I may add a new page at the top of this blog and post some pictures of any of the students work there as well.
Have fun and take care all.


Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

They are gorgeous...

Ali said...

The fortune cookies are a wonderful idea for a small make and I think your a wonderful teacher doing extra classes for your students.
Ali x

Tatkis said...

These cookies are so cute and original!


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