Monday, 19 August 2013

Blog Award - Thank you Ali

It has been quite a long time since I was given a blog award.  Some do not like these, I do not have a problem with them at all.  They brighten up your blog, links people together and I like the fact that someone says on the Internet that they like what I am doing.
Part of it is to post 11 random facts about yourself.  Now I have done this before but life does change and you remember things that you have not said before so hopefully some of the below are new to readers.

1. I am left handed but I use scissors in my right hand.  I also knit and crochet with my right hand.  Mainly due to growing up in an all righthanded family.

2. I have lived in Germany, Kent, Cambridgeshire, Hampshire, Dorset, and finally Cornwall.  Much of this due to work re-location or various college courses.

3. I have been married for just over 15 years.

4. Love cheesecake!!!

5. I am a strawberry blonde and I get very annoyed if this called ginger.  There is a massive difference and should be observed as such.

6. I had my appendix removed when I was 12 and have spent the next 32 years explaining to every doctor or nurse what the scar is.

7. I love reading and  need to have a book on the go all the time.

8. I like the Pirates of the Caribbean Films.........good fun all the way.

9. I am self taught in crochet but desperately need help to move this beyond the Grannie square stage.

10. I have a real problem with remembering numbers or sequences of numbers, so reg plates, mobile numbers etc just forget it because I will.

11. Love a making challenge, whether it is swap or a custom order, it is just the thrill of making something with a specific person or criteria in mind.

There are then some questions to answer as well.  I may find it hard to come up with any useful answers but I will try.
1.What is your all time favourite craft?
Due to my job I love them all.  It would be easier to say which one I hate and that would be Quilling.

2. Where is the strangest place you have ever crafted?
Not the strangest but the most rewarding was in a school in Kenya about 1 hour outside of Nairobi.

3. What is your favourite craft time snack?
Nothing, as the aim is to keep the hands busy and away from the biscuit jar!

4.Do you prefer the radio, TV, music or other when crafting.
I have a job which is often noisy  so I actually prefer silence or in front of the TV in the evening.

5. What is your proudest achievement?
My daughter Sophie.

6. What is your biggest crafting 'dream'?
Have a workshop to run classes and publish  a crafting book.

7. Who is your inspiration?
I would like to change this slightly - Any aid worker who has gone unarmed to some of the most dangerous places on the planet.  

8. Is there a craft that you have yet to try that you would like to have a go at?
Tatting has always looked very delicate and would look lovely on garments.

9. How often do you craft (everyday, every weekend, twice a week)
Nearly every day but it is split between personal projects and samples for my lessons.

10. Are you a messy or neat crafter?
Neat, or I lose things so I have to be quite strict with myself, but every now and then I lapse and you can not see the surface of the kitchen table.

11. What or who got you started in crafting?
Not sure really although when I was at primary school we used to have a crafting session at least once or twice a week in the afternoon.  Not so sure they have the time to do quite so much today.  Primary students still love to make though, I have taught groups over the years but there is always something deemed more important to learn I suppose.  I was encouraged at home with family giving me oddments of wool and my Mum taught me to knit so I think home and school combined.

Well, if you are still awake and with me thank you as that was a long post!
I am now supposed to pass this on to 11 blogs.  I will name them here but no pressure to actually accept it - it is only a bit of fun.  You an accept, post, link to here but skip the rest if you wish.
1. Tatyana - Mouse House
2. Lynne - Textile Treasury 
5.Stitchuchess Crazy & Sane Quilting World
6. Krafty Panda
8.Cozy in Texas
9. Knitsofacto

Phew!  I think a cup of tea is now in order.


Ali said...

I'm so pleased you accepted the award. It was great to read your facts. I thought it was wonderful that you'd been to Kenya to work in a school.
Ali x

Lynne said...

Thank you Jane, for the award. I spent nearly an hour this morning writing a new blog-post with all the award bits and bobs, and trying to get the flamin' image onto my post - huh! Up comes the jpeg thingy but no photo. I really have tried but have totally lost patience I'm afraid, so I will mention it when I blog but I can't get the image on. But thanks again! Lx

Indigo Blue said...

I did use the image on Ali's blog. Maybe that pic will work better. Sorry it is being so awkward.

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Ooh, congrats on your award and thank you kindly for mine. I will endeavour to write a post sometime soon but I'm truly hopeless at these things I'm afraid.

I love your answer to the inspiration question ... hear hear. And you should give tatting a go ... it's not difficult and there are lots of you tube videos to show you how :)

And now I'm off to visit some of the other award winners ... there are lots of blogs there that I don't know :)

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