Sunday, 23 June 2013

Recent Read - A Village Affair by Rebecca Shaw

I am certainly on a roll with my reading lately.  That could be because I have not have any Internet for nearly two weeks.  It was severed by BT trying to put in a business line for my husband;s job.  The land line is still not working but we do have some use of the Internet.  I was just about to do the Harry Potter post when it all went down.
Anyway, reading has had a chance to creep in so this is my second book in 3 weeks!!!

Quite a page turner just like the last one with different characters taking centre stage.  Crime and a death featuring in this book.  I have noticed that the theme of the books have taken a slightly darker turn but the cosiness of the books still remain.

I really enjoyed this book and I enjoy going back to "visit" the village of Turnham Malpas to see what they are all up to.
I read this again on my kindle and I have found that the lack of actual pages means that I do not notice how far through a book I am.  Although there is a % number on the screen if I really want to know.  I have really liked using my kindle and I hope to take it on holiday at the end of July.

The kindle version cost £4.99 and I have decided to try and buy more this way so as not to add to the book build up our house.  As long as the author still gets their fee I hope to be saving a few trees as well.  I still have a book pile to go through and I do like holding an actual book but I think that there is room for both in my life.
I will also be having a giveaway soon once I have sorted it out as I have passed a landmark here at Indigo Blue and I let it slip through my keyboard. so to speak so I shall get back to you on that.
Hopefully we shall be in for some better weather tomorrow....I hope so as Sophie needs me to help her find a few shells for her latest homework project.
Take care all and take a look at this book if it is in your library.

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Lynne said...

I love her books, too. And some of my favourite authors I am going to have to start 'collecting' on kindle because our books are way out of hand - even after last years Big Cull!

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