Sunday, 30 June 2013

OPAM - JUNE Round up

I also made a chiffon knitted scarf.
If you have ever used some of these fancy wools over the past few years then this might interest you too.
You need just one of these to make a scarf and the instructions are on the back of the label.
The chiffon strip has a series of evenly spaced holes along one edge and it is these holes that go on the needle and are used to knit with.
4mm needles are used and only 5 stitches.
It knits up ridiculously easily and I had a scarf done in just over an hour!
Ideal for the warmer months and the various designs available in the shop I was in were lovely.  Would make an ideal gift for a knitter or knitted up ready to wear.
My first finish in June was this bright little chap, which I made whilst visiting my sister in law.  I bought the kit from Hobby Craft so that I did not need to take much.  Bought another style of kit for Sophie to make.

For next month I had a skirt cut out plus a crochet bag to finish but I am a bit stuck on the handles!
Enjoy the rest of the weekend.


Tatkis said...

What a lovely scarf! I've seen such a lace-yarn but haven't tried it yet :)

Love this owl!


Toffeeapple said...

There are so many different yarns around now aren't there? I haven't been tempted by any of them yet but this looks very effective. I hope that you resolve the difficulty of the handles for the bag.

Lynn said...

I love the scarf! The owl is my favorite though! Too stinkin' cute!

Ali said...

That yarn is amazing and your scarf is beautiful. I have a friend who would love it. I feel a gift idea coming on.
Ali x

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