Thursday, 27 June 2013

Kigu Powder Compact Addition

A week or so ago hubby and Sophie went over to my in-laws while lucky me did yet more work for the day job.  When they came back they had the above with them.
A gift from my mother in law for my compact collection.
It is getting to the point where it has to be eye-catching and a bit different to be purchased and MIL  thought that this fitted the bill.  It is better in person.
The picture above is a close up of the lid and the compact is made by Kigu and I have several made by this company, but none as pretty as this.  The centre reminds me of filigree work.
The decorative centre has a hidden treasure (this is the "different" bit) it conceals a compartment for you to put a photograph.  Appears to have never been used as it still has the instruction card inside.
It is a gold tone compact and is in very good condition.  I am not sure what date it is and I will spend a bit of time to see if I can find out.
Sorry blogger has swung the picture round.....the inside shows the logo for Kigu and the clip for the compact lid is on the side. Again, very good condition.
A lovely compact and a lovely gift that was unexpected but those are the best types, don't you think?
Back on line so hopefully more blogging.  Got a bit of a backlog of posts to do.

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Tatkis said...

Adorable addition to your collection!


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