Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Happy Birthday to....

Toffy is a rescue cat and he first came to live with us when he was 8 weeks old
We went to see all of the kittens when they were 4 weeks old and Sophie chose Toffy.  All of the others were either black or black and white.  Toffy looks like his Mum.  We did not tell Sophie what we were doing to start with.  We made up a story that we were going to look at some chickens, which we did but then we moved over to a chicken house and lifted the lid to show her the kittens.  Well the look on her face was a picture.  I had never seen kittens that small before and the Mum being a stray decided that the chicken hut was going to be their home.  The picture abouve shows Sophie holding little Toffy and it was at this point we asked her which one she liked and she said this one.
The question "would you like him/her to be your kitten wnet straight over her head.  So once she understood she did not change her mind.  It was Toffy all the way.

How did he get his name?
Well,  when we brought him home he had Toffy coloured ears..............not any more,but there you go!  The spelling is the result of  a 7 year old writing  down the way it sounds....but I like it.

We then brought him home at the beginning of July.  You can see that post HERE.
He was soooo small when he arrived.

Today Toffy is 3 years old!
He is a very well loved cat and he does belong to Sophie.  She loves Toffy and her new found crafting skills have been put to the test.  
The latest is for his birthday, his own mat.  He is moulting at the moment so we have been encouraging him to use this.  It is all  her own work which she designed and put together in 4 hours when she had to come into school with me during the Easter holidays.

Sophie was given some iron on badges at Christmas and she ironed these on as well.
She is loving the fact that she can have an idea and put it into reality.
She has already started her next project but more on that another time.

So Happy Birthday Toffy!!


Carol said...

Happy Birthday little Toffy (it is a great name)
I am sure Sophie is going to have a lot more creative ideas.
Carol xx

Tatkis said...

Happy Birthday to Toffy! I remember his story :) he is a big cat now!
Sophie made him a wonderful present!


Lynn said...

Happy Bithday Toffy! You are a cutie!

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