Saturday, 9 March 2013

My Kitchen Dresser

I was sat drinking a cup of tea in the kitchen today thinking about the next job I needed to do when it occurred to me that I have not really featured my little white dresser on this blog.
When we re-decorated the kitchen nearly three years ago (where has the time gone) I had said that I would really like some form of dresser.  Our kitchen does not have much wall space so behind the kitchen door was the only place available.
After much hunting, which took months, I finally found a narrow white dresser that fits perfectly in the space between the kitchen door and the adjacent wall.
Over the time that I have had the dresser I have gradually added and displayed various keepsakes such as items that Sophie has made or colourful cute items.
So the above rose is the latest addition.
Sophie spotted it first in Asda and it really is the smallest rose plant that I have ever seen.
Of course we could not leave.........
....the other one behind.  I will need to re-pot them so that they keep growing, but for now they have...
pride of place on the dresser.
What else is there?
I love blue and white so the mug is a Whittards purchase years ago.  The owl was a gift Sophie received at  Christmas.  The Russian doll I made in January from a kit.
This is a small ornament that we brought back from our cruise when we visited Amsterdam.  So cute.
A purchase during my cupcake obsession.
Cath Kidston set which was a 40th present from my sister.
A recently made felt heart.
There are other items and they all have a story or some significance.  They get rotated round and added to, moved to the living room and then moved back.
Overall, I love my little dresser and despite its small size it is very much a focus in our kitchen.
Do you have a dresser, display shelf or favourite corner in your home?
Has been a lovely day here in Cornwall and a pain free day for my hip.......
Hip Hip  (hooray) thank goodness.
Take care


Lynne said...

Love your dresser and those two little rose plants are so pretty. We've always had a dresser somewhere in the house - it was always my dream to have one. Now we have a monster of a one which is kind of locked in between the beams - it ain't goin' nowhere! I've recently decluttered it, nowhere as trim and tidy as yours!
Enjoy the warmth and freedom from pain!

Jill Eudaly said...

Hi, I love your dresser, so pretty. here in the U.S. we call it a hutch, a dresser with shelves.
Yes, the piece I'm working on is big, 3ft x 4 ft. And yes, I did give my blog a "makeover". I decided to change things up. I'm not doing much with magazies lately, going for juried art shows more. new direction...maybe. I can't make up my mind.

dottycookie said...

Your dresser is just beautiful. I'd love to have one but have no idea at all where I would put one! We inherited a lot of furniture for which I am very grateful but it isn't necessarily what I would have chosen and does take up a huge amount of space!

Ali said...

I love your dresser, so pretty and the detail at the top is gorgeous. Our old house had a dresser above the built in cupboards so lots of display space. I only realized when we moved how much I loved it. Wonderful to hear you've been painfree. It must be such a relief, lets hope it continues. Take care.
Ali x

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