Saturday, 23 March 2013

A lovely Thank You!

This term we have had two lovely trainee's working with us and on Friday it was their last day and now they move on to their second placement.  School terms are always very long, busy and exhausting for all concerned and this term has been no different.
Trainee 1 is a Textiles specialist with Product Design as a second area.  Trainee 2 is the opposite way round.
Trainee two has some how found the time to make a gift for those of us that she worked with as a Thank You............
There is a lovely heart shaped bead with tiny little flowers on it and a few other beads scattered just below.
Hand made felt purple felt with machining in the centre.
On the back is a tiny brooch clip and it goes well with sooooo many tops that I have.  In fact I am wearing it right this minute with a lilac jumper.
Trainee 1 must have spent ages hand cutting a lovely card which I have hung up on my classroom which says Thank You with a contrast colour behind it.  Very cleverly done.
I wish both of our lovely trainee's all the best for their next placement.  I am very sorry to see them go, it has been a lot of fun working together.
Trainee 1 has made a giant start on the school production costumes and when the show starts we want to both go and see our efforts on stage.  I now need to finish off the rest of the costume needs.
I am the only Textiles teacher and it can get a bit lonely working on your own for much of the day  so it has been a breath of fresh air to have another keen and like-minded enthusiast to work along side!
Take care


Jill Eudaly said...

so nice to hear about your life. and the way you speak is so different from what I'm use to here in the U.S., always interesting!

Anne said...

What a lovely thoughtful gift for you to remember them by. I'm sure you'll put it to good use.

Ali said...

What a beautiful gift. It was lovely to hear you really enjoyed working with your trainees. When I was made redundant it was really sad as I worked with such kind people. It makes going to work much nicer when everyone gets on so well. You never know you might get some more lovely people. Take care.
Ali x

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