Sunday, 6 January 2013

Help!!! More blogger problems

Well, all has been well for a few weeks but now I am unable to "browse" my pictures to upload them to my posts.  The button function to do this is not there.  Just the selected and cancel button.  I have carried out a system restore which usually sorts out Bloggers little hic-cups but this time it has not worked.

Been having problems since Thursday hence no posts.  It was ok before Thursday.
Any ideas?
I am about to go back to work so having even a small cliche is not very helpful as my attention is distracted anyway.
I am not over techicy so any really simple advice which is idiot proof would be appreciated so that this idiot can sort this out.  I have loads of Cruise holiday pics to show.  If Blogger keep doing this then I may have to swap to something else to have run my Blog.  I have been with blogger since 2007 and I like to stick with what I know, but honestly, there is nearly something every month at the moment and this laptop is only about 2 years old, if that.
Got friends popping round for tea and cake and a catch up so I shall be back later this afternoon.
Best wishes
PS Update - I think..........I think I may have sorted it out.  off to try out a post to see.......


dottycookie said...

I've seen others with this problem and apparently it looks like an incompatibility with Internet Explorer. If you are using that, perhaps this could be the issue? It works fine with Safari, and I think others have tried Firefox with success. Presumably Chrome should be ok since it's also a google product ... good luck!

Tracy said...

Sorry to hear you're having a few problems with blogger I did hear mention on a few blogs that the trouble was Internet explorer, you may need to download and use google chrome, I know I did before I moved over to a mac, I hope that helps xx

Indigo Blue said...

Many thanks for your advice ladies. I was with Google Chrome the last time it played up and went back to explorer. I could try going back again and see what happens.

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