Monday, 19 November 2012

Chooky Blue Christmas Swap

A sneaky peek at the handmade label that I made for my swap partners parcel.  It is now winging its way off.
I hope it arrives safely and that they like it when they open it on Christmas Day! 
I am suppose to be taking part in a Craft Fayre this weekend but I have not had much time to make very many items.  Hopefully what I have in stick will generate some interest.
It has been a very poorly household this past week and Hubby has been told by the GP that he has a chest infection.  The first time in the 20 or more years that I have known him.  Sophie went back to school for the first time this week to discover that her homework book has disappeared and she is rather upset about it.  Hopefully it will turn up.  As for me........ well I too have been to the GP and an xray is in the pipeline to find out what is wrong with my hip or to at least rule out a bone problem, I have also developed the chesty cough but luckily my inhaler has helped there.  I am struggling with the drawings for my next project and I still have not been able to take pictures of my sketchbook due to poor weather and very bad light to show you on this blog despite promising for nearly 2 weeks.
So as you can see all is well in the House of Indigo Blue!  How long it is until the weekend?
Take care all.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Happy Tenth Birthday Sophie

Last Friday Sophie had a landmark birthday.............10 years old.  Where has the ttime gone, and I have been repeating that ever since.
Unfortunately hubby and Sophie have really bad colds at the moment (we did fear flu to start with) so it is quite quiet here and porr Sophie has not been up to looking at her gifts or playing very much.
Her poor little face is so white and she can not breath at all but she has been in good spirits.  She really is a very good natured young lady.   As I am typing this at 10.30pm she has just joined me at the kitchen table with one of ther drawing presents.  Trying to get to sleep is out of the question at the moment.
For the past few years I have been asked to make individual cupcakes which go on a stand but not this year.  I was perhaps a little disappointed and the above shop bought cake was asked for and I decorated it.  Sophie pointed put that due to all of the reports etc that ihave to do she did not want me to worry about baking.   Ahhhhh!  She was very insistant so I caved in.  Very thoughtful of her but I really could have made those cupcakes!!
Ohh Blogger is playing around with my pictures, anyway...Hubby and I bought a few small items as her main present is a trip to the Pantomime next month with two friends which she asked for nearly a year ago.  The dark evenings meant that her three friends who popped round only went outside for a bit but them came indoors and played in the living room with nice games such a mouse trap, scrabble and other games.  Not once did they ask for a DVD or the television.  The cat got a lot of fuss made of him and I think he got a fed a several times so he thought it was his birthday as well!!
For tea we cleaned down the kitchen table and each child made their own homemade pizza, which went down very well especially covering the table with flour and not getting told off.
Good old jelly for afters and a small gift bag and a slice of cake to take home.  They were a lovely little group and I think Kieran was great to come on his own but then I was told by Mum that he has three sisters at home.
Sophie is getting too grown up for parties at home but this little after school tea party went well and all three guests did not want to go home.  Proof that a lot of money does not have to spent to have fun.
My reports are done, that is literally all I have been doing since 5th November and I have so much more to show you.  My next obstacle is a lesson observation on 10th December!  So I shall start the paperwork for that at the weekend.
I did reward myself with tonight off and I have been creating a sample for my evening class.  Just a few more bits to do them I will hand it in tomorrow. 
Sorry not to have given yo a peek inside my sketchbook, but now the reports are done I hope I will a bit more blogging time and hopefully a few more early nights.
Take care all

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Swamped Under

I am still here but as the picture above suggests (courtesy of Google images) I am swamped under student reports and related paperwork.  I have soooooo many more groups this year and it is taking ages as we are also working with a new format.
It is too dark now to take pictures of my sketchbook but I shall do my best to make it the first thing I do when i get home tomorrow.
Hubby is maki8ng our roast dinner then it is back to it until I can not see anymore.
Back soon

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Autumn Sun

The last day of the half term holiday turned out to be full of bright blue skies, sun and a little photo taking in the garden for my next evening class project.  This is not one of them but I liked the look of this plant none the less.
The day was full of busy back to school jobs, taking Sophie to a birthday party, doing the weekly shop which is usually on a Thursday, going to the tip and finally finishing the living room in time to see the last part of Downton Abbey.
What am I going to do every Sunday evening until Christmas Day when there will be special episode broadcast!!
Been a bit of an up and down week really.  I have had problems with my lower back and left hip area for about 18 months and tried physiotherapy which eased it and chemist painkillers, but now I am getting to the point where living with the pain and sleepless nights are not an option.  So, last Tuesday I had an appointment with a Osteopath not really knowing what to expect.  Went fine then had a couple of movements which were quite forceful and was warned that I might feel worse in a day or two.  Well that was true as on Thursday and Friday I could hardly walk!  On the Wednesday I went to pick up my new (second hand) car as getting in and out of my current one was getting too difficult and definitely not helping the situation.  Luckily I was ok to drive but I was not able to drive it again until today.
So my week has been a little slower than normal.  I have staggered up the stairs and had little sleep (no change there then).  However, today it has improved greatly and the lovely Autumn sun was like a sign to get out in that car and make sure that I know where the lights are (darker evenings now that the clocks have changed) , checked the manual and know where everything is plus a drive round.  So I am nearly back to normal...... Yippeee........just in time to go back to work tomorrow!!   Typical.
Then this coming Tuesday I get to do it all again with my second appointment......I can see a painful pattern developing here but I do have to say that my hip and lower back area does feel and work better now that the pain of being pulled and pushed around has gone.  So hopefully there is light at the end of the tunnel.
What sort of week have you had?

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Wool Blanket Cushion WIP is Finished!!

I had a very enjoyable evening on Monday and finished my cushion made from woollen blanket scraps.
Above shows one of the flowers that I showed last weekend half stitched.  I love french knots, have I said that before?
This little birdie is a design which I came up with a couple of years ago for the Quilt Around the World Swap and has featured on several felt notebook covers.  I sold one of those books last week on Esty.
Lots of shapes and textured stitches.
I was sad when I ran out of room to add anything else and I had to stop the fun of actually making this cushion.
I have kept the back of the cushion quite simple with a double flap opening which has been edged with two rows of running stitch using purple wool.  The backing is made out of a lovely lilac woollen blanket which I managed to find.
So......drum roll please..........
I am sooooooo pleased with how this has turned out.  I put the edging on because at the workshop I could not find a piece of fabric the right for a cushion and I did not fully know what I was going to be making anyway.  I think it frames it and shows up the colours.
I have some scraps left and the lilac blanket which I found so I think another blankety based item will be in the pipeline.  I thought another cushion might be a bit much........any ideas?
I think the main attraction of this project is the hand stitching, which is great for evenings in front of the fire!
Many thanks for all of the lovely comments on the WIP post for this cushion and the response on Pinterest too.

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