Monday, 19 November 2012

Chooky Blue Christmas Swap

A sneaky peek at the handmade label that I made for my swap partners parcel.  It is now winging its way off.
I hope it arrives safely and that they like it when they open it on Christmas Day! 
I am suppose to be taking part in a Craft Fayre this weekend but I have not had much time to make very many items.  Hopefully what I have in stick will generate some interest.
It has been a very poorly household this past week and Hubby has been told by the GP that he has a chest infection.  The first time in the 20 or more years that I have known him.  Sophie went back to school for the first time this week to discover that her homework book has disappeared and she is rather upset about it.  Hopefully it will turn up.  As for me........ well I too have been to the GP and an xray is in the pipeline to find out what is wrong with my hip or to at least rule out a bone problem, I have also developed the chesty cough but luckily my inhaler has helped there.  I am struggling with the drawings for my next project and I still have not been able to take pictures of my sketchbook due to poor weather and very bad light to show you on this blog despite promising for nearly 2 weeks.
So as you can see all is well in the House of Indigo Blue!  How long it is until the weekend?
Take care all.


Ali said...

The label looks lovely. Hope your all feeling much better soon and Sophie homework book turn up.
Ali x

Toffeeapple said...

The same as Ali said. Wishing you well.

dottycookie said...

Sounds like precisely no fun at all! Hope you're all on the mend soon.

Yarny Days said...

Lovely label. In the most apt way--ready for the holidays!

Jill Eudaly said...

Feel better soon. I'm plauged with hip issues, I hope yours turns to be just a "bump" in your life.

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