Sunday, 4 November 2012

Autumn Sun

The last day of the half term holiday turned out to be full of bright blue skies, sun and a little photo taking in the garden for my next evening class project.  This is not one of them but I liked the look of this plant none the less.
The day was full of busy back to school jobs, taking Sophie to a birthday party, doing the weekly shop which is usually on a Thursday, going to the tip and finally finishing the living room in time to see the last part of Downton Abbey.
What am I going to do every Sunday evening until Christmas Day when there will be special episode broadcast!!
Been a bit of an up and down week really.  I have had problems with my lower back and left hip area for about 18 months and tried physiotherapy which eased it and chemist painkillers, but now I am getting to the point where living with the pain and sleepless nights are not an option.  So, last Tuesday I had an appointment with a Osteopath not really knowing what to expect.  Went fine then had a couple of movements which were quite forceful and was warned that I might feel worse in a day or two.  Well that was true as on Thursday and Friday I could hardly walk!  On the Wednesday I went to pick up my new (second hand) car as getting in and out of my current one was getting too difficult and definitely not helping the situation.  Luckily I was ok to drive but I was not able to drive it again until today.
So my week has been a little slower than normal.  I have staggered up the stairs and had little sleep (no change there then).  However, today it has improved greatly and the lovely Autumn sun was like a sign to get out in that car and make sure that I know where the lights are (darker evenings now that the clocks have changed) , checked the manual and know where everything is plus a drive round.  So I am nearly back to normal...... Yippeee........just in time to go back to work tomorrow!!   Typical.
Then this coming Tuesday I get to do it all again with my second appointment......I can see a painful pattern developing here but I do have to say that my hip and lower back area does feel and work better now that the pain of being pulled and pushed around has gone.  So hopefully there is light at the end of the tunnel.
What sort of week have you had?


Toffeeapple said...

I do hope that the Osteopathy works for you. For years I had various treatments, not one of which worked, then finally I had a diagnosis of Scoliosis which was so severe by the time it was found, that it can't be treated, only managed (t a degree). I know how debilitating back and hip pain can be and I hope that this will be a solution for you. Good luck.

Tatkis said...

Oh, so sad to hear about your pains! Hope your new therapy will help!

I had a nice craft week (luckily no urgent work :) )


Mrs Jones said...

I was always a dubious about Osteopaths until I needed one. Six weeks later I was pain free, so fingers crossed it gets easier for you.

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

I swear by my osteopath, but those first few days after a treatment ... ouch! Hopefully you'll soon be sorted though. Lovely pics :D

Carol said...

I can completely empathise having had a "back" for many years ( although, touching lots of wood, doing very well in recent times)
Glad your osteopath helped, I found Osteopaths and Chiropractors more help than convential treatment.
Just don't go mad now you are feeling better!
Carol xx

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