Saturday, 1 September 2012

Zentangle Zest - Part 1

Uk readers, do you remember a soap called Zest?  bright yellow and quite lemony?  Anyway I digress.
I went back over my Zentangle Sketchbook and took new pictures to put here.  There were a lot of hits for the last post so if you are a zentangler then do leave a comment then I and other can pop over and see what you have been creating.  Moving on....
So lets start at the beginning.
The picture above is at the start of the book and is my own design.  I started in the middle with the spiral and it really did just build from there.  I find sitting in front of the TV helps, by the end of a tangle I am not even aware of the TV being on!
This is the next one and I have started to date them on the back.  This was 31st May 2012.
This time I started in the top right hand corner and worked by down diagonally.
I used mainly a thin gel pen, my thick sharpie was used very little.
This flower design was the start of trying to use more outer shapes to Zentagle in.  I still started in the centre and worked my way out.  I was not sure whether to simply draw the flower and then fill it in or take it as it came.  I chose the second option.  Again, I mixed the thin gel pen along with the thicker sharpie.  I combined lots of swirls and spiral, shapes which I really do like.
I shall finish today where I started last tine with this circle.  This quickly led on from the flower and I do want to try other geometric shapes.  More mixed pens and this time I did colour in some of the white areas to see how it would stand out.  I am still learning about this style of drawing.  It really is very addictive, you not need very much and it is a good way of unwinding at the end of the day.

Why not give it a try.
More tomorrow.
PS Do leave a comment, especially from the 48+ who visited as I would love to hear from you and visit you if you are also someone who enjoys Zentangles.


Mrs. Micawber said...

Wowie zowie, this is gorgeous and it looks addictive. No wonder you haven't picked up your crochet hooks in a while.


Lynne said...

Brilliant, Andrea, I haven't moved on to circular designs yet, my next attempts will be Paisley Pears I think. I wonder how much black ink is being used, world-wide on a daily basis??

Lynn said...

Wow! These are just awesome! I love them all. You are so right when you said that it is addicting. I love it so much! Good job!

Chookyblue...... said...

I don't know what zentangle is but I do love the pics.........

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