Thursday, 30 August 2012

Zentangles for the Summer

I have been really busy last week and this with preparation work for the new term.
I do, however, have found lots of pictures that I took of Zentangle patterns that I designed whilst on holiday.
The first one that I want to show you is this, which I do have to say I am rather pleased with.  I have devoted a small sketchbook to my Zentangling and I drew this circle in it before I left home.  
I started with the waves on the right hand side and then added more shapes.  I did this at the kitchen table at my sister in laws house and was so focused that i did not realise until I looked up that there were four people watching me!!  I used a black sharpie pen and a black fine gel pen.
This was the next one that I started as soon as I completed the circle, which is unusual for me.  There is normally several weeks in-between.  Here I combined several of my own patterns with some that I have found on and google.
I have just been looking through my sketchbook and realised that I have not taken pictures of six other Zentangles so I shall post them tomorrow.
I shall show my sketchbook and go through the pens that I use too as you might like to try this for yourself.  It is very addictive and can be tried by any age.. Kids love it!!!Below are some designs created by my year 7 students just before the end of term.  they took to it straight away.....

They did very well, didn't they?


Lynne said...

Hi Andrea, what's that word..ah yes, SYNCHRONICITY! Describing when everything comes together. You know when you discover something and find it keeps cropping up all over the place. Love your Zentangles, and great that you are using them with your students.
I discovered them when I started visual/art journaling and was looking for borders. You really get hooked, don't you. So I have a small ring bound book which I practice in.

The 'real' Zentangle folks can be pretty hot on copywrite so watch what you air to the public, apparently (and I only discovered this last week) putting something on your blog -even giving credit - is considered 'publishing'. I think they are on a sticky wicket as many of their patterns are taken from classical designs, Eygyptian, Persian, Arts and Crafts era, which are free to use.

So, just sayin'. Perhaps it only relates to when you use them on a 'tile'..heck what do I know. You've still done some great designs there!

Indigo Blue said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. are ok. They actively encourage their ideas to be used for inspiration and they will have to look very carefully to see what I have used as I change and create my own, just using them for inspiration. I am not gaining anything financially and it is for educational purposes. I have introduced many students and fellow bloggers to their website and gone over the copyright issue with my students.

Ali said...

Wow what an amazing design. It looks really effective in black and white. Thanks for sharing.
Ali x

Wendy said...

I love doing tangles but I have not done any with color. Thanks for the inspiration as I will be using color on my next one.

Carol said...

Yes, the students did do well.
Your black and white Zentangles are absolutely stunning.
Hope you have a lovely weekend.
Carol xx

Jill Eudaly said...

holy cow those turned out great. I am doing a project where I am to use charcoal from trees burned in the American wild fires this summer. I have been stumped on what to do. You have inspired me to work in black and white....something I don't do.
thanks for sharing your work, INSPIRING!

Lynne said...

Hi Andrea, good-oh, my comment was in no way meant to indicate criticism, just quite new to blogging myself, and was caught up short reading the other day about exactly this situation. I was a bit perturbed to read that they consider putting something on your blog as 'publishing', and therefore open to legal action shoukd they consider you have infringed their copywrite.

There's a vast difference between putting up a photo of your sketch book with zentangles in it, and say, designing a bag for sale with zentangle patterns all over the front, but some companies don't differentiate. are obviously not like that as you have ascertained; thanks for the info, I'll feel much more comfortable now!

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