Thursday, 2 August 2012

OPAM 2012 July Round-Up

I have had a very busy month and I know that only one item needs to be made per month but I use OPAM 2012 as a method of motivation, especially after hard going days at work when it would be so easy to just slump in a chair and fall asleep (and yes, I do that sometimes as well!)  It encourages me to make more of my spare time and learn not crafts and skills.
There is one item that i did not get a chance to post about in July and that is my new skirt.
I did in fact start this skirt last summer!  I cut it all out and stitched the darts, pinned the side seams.  Then the rain started and did not stop so I could not see the point in working on it.  So the nice weather last week meant it was dragged back out and very quickly finished before the weather turned again this week.
It is a pattern that I have used before.  LOOK pattern number 6843 and I made up style A this time (white with pink flowers).
I do not like waist bands so I just add a binding on the top edge and I also add a lining underneath as well.  It does say easy and 1 hour.  It is easy but the 1 hour bit is a little over generous really, it takes longer than that.
I have a tunic pattern waiting to be tackled but I am not sure what to make it up in.  I am trying to use fabric that I already have and I can not "see" tunic fabric yet in my supply.  Or could I get away with making it in panels of quilting cotton fabric?
Off to Plymouth today (oh could look at tunic fabric I suppose?).  Our trip to Dartmouth was rained off with weather that quite frankly resembles that of December.
I will also have a small announcement on Friday as well


Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Well done on all your OPAM finishes, they are all that skirt...

Ali said...

Wow, I've not had chance to catch up on my blog reading and you have created so much since I last visited. The skirt looks lovely I really like the style, fingers crossed for nice weather. Your mice are gorgeous, they made me think of the mice in bagpuss, although you may be too young to remember that. The addition of the button at the end of the tale is lovely. AND Sophie's skirt is beautiful, no wonder you got a big thank you. The fabric is really pretty.

Ali x

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