Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Ickworth House - National Trust

Last Friday, whilst visiting my Mum we took her to have a look around Ickworth House near Bury St Edmunds.  It was a blistering hot day but there are plenty of trees to duck under for shade.
I love to get my camera out on these days out and try to improve on them.  Colour, layout interesting angles etc.  It was a glorious day and the only issue might be that it looked a bit too hazy at times.  The picture above shows the Rotunda and it is lovely inside.  Not allowed to take pictures I am afraid.
This is a lovely walkway with clematis on one side and flowering bushes on the other.
A view up to the Rotunda from the gardens.  Just look at than sky!
One of the most unusual parts of the garden was the Stumpery, where the Victorians had put lots of unusual shaped tree stumps at artistic angles.  There were a couple of people there drawing them the day that we were there.
Some of the stumps are really very odd looking and it is hard to believe that they are natural.
This is quite a stunning "Gallery" of how nature has a way of surprising.  I think so of the stumps have been tipped on their side so that you can see them form different angles.
Sophie took even more pictures than I did.
We had just help Mum to cut and trim her hedge at her house. Thank goodness it is not quite as much as at Ickworth House!!
Lovely gardens, sun and a great lunch of local bangers, mash and vegetables!
A lovely day out had by all.
If you are in the area Ickworth is worth a visit.  Plenty of grounds to run around in, refreshments and lovely scenery
We hope to do several National Trust Houses this Summer, we have very nearly got 30 stamps to fill our Visitor's Passport book and then Sophie can send off for a certificate.

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