Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Brighton Rocks!

Our last excursion before going home was to visit Brighton.  It was soooo hot, plenty of high factor sun cream and hats.  Oh yes hats pity I left mine n the car and we decided to go to Brighton on the train.  Never mind.
It was packed everywhere, the shops, streets, beach and pier.  
A glorious day without much cloud cover at all so we did avid going on the beach itself but walked along much of the seafront itself.
Every time we have visited the Pier n the past Sophie has been too small to go on any of the rides.  Now, my daughter loves slides of any kind to she was quick to spot the Helter Skelter but also that she is now big enough to go on it by herself.
I really tried to get it all in my picture but my little digital did not quite manage but I think you get the idea of the size of it!
Needless to say she came off it with a big smile on her face.
We began to walk into Brighton to meet my sister in law who had had to pop into work at the University as part of clearing and future student questions due to the A level results having been issued.
Hubby spotted this shop.  It has very high windows on two sides with shelves and shelves of old hand sewing machines!!
It reminds very much of a window display in a shop in New York (I think) it was featured on a Craftzine post that I was emailed.  It was certainly attracting a lot of attention.
Some of the machines were so pretty.  Even though our machines of today are very clever, I do feel that they have lost any individual character and attractiveness as an object.

It was then off for some very nice lunch at English's which just so happens to be
right next to the 
Cath Kidston shop.  How handy is that?
I bought a new flask for the Autumn term as my other flask had broken after someone put it in the dishwasher.
I could not resist taking a picture of my dessert as it seemed a shame to cut into it, but I only had that feeling for a short while...............
After a very good lunch we thought we would see if we could find the chocolate shop featured on a programme that Sophie and I have been watching on Friday evenings.
Oh dear this picture did not turn out too well.  There were so many people inside and out looking at this shop.  It is a lovely cake shop and the cakes that are created are so clever it is hard to realise that it is cream and icing etc.  Works of Art.
google images
Well worth a visit.  We did treat ourselves to a extra special twist on the marsh mellows and choc crispies.  Lovely with a cup of tea later that evening.  Lasted several days by the way.
Then it was off to catch the train home again.
Another excellent day out had by all.


Toffeeapple said...

Lovely machines, remind me of the one my Mother had upon which she taught me to sew.

wonderwoman said...

i think that shop is called All Saints and its one of my fav shops, theres one with a window display like that in Bath!

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