Friday, 6 July 2012

Sketch Book - Truro - Part 2

Well, I was that tired from my second day of canoeing and Kayaking  I fell asleep in my chair and I am afraid that blog posting went out of the window. 
So back to the current sketchbook pages.  Above is a hint of what the next stage looked like.  
This is where we left the drawing in a previous post.
Once having drawn the main areas in charcoal (a messy media to be honest)  some of the charcoal was blended and smudged the lines.  I really like oil pastels at the moment so then added some colour and blended the tow colours together.
I used some textured paper for soft pastels which I have had for years!  I like the way the grain of the paper is picked up by the charcoal and oil pastels.
I then added more sharper lines to certain areas to make them stand out.
So to recap.  Sections of the building have been taken to produce a montage or abstract designs based on Truro Cathedral.  The picture above shows in close-up the texture that can be gained with textured paper and blending with your finger, cotton wool or cotton wool bud.
So here is the final outcome.  Now, at this point I am supposed to go over the top lightly with some drawing ink!!! Can I bring myself to do this????   NO! So I am going to do another version and add the ink to that.  The other groups have done this so I do want to show this technique but I shall be very upset if a ruin it.  I have not tried this before so I do not have the confidence of knowledge as to what I will end up with.  It will also give me another chance to try different colours as well.  The colours that I have chosen here do go with the colours featured in the photos.  I am trying to move away from blues and greens which has tended to be my choice of colour with Art projects this year.  Did not really notice until I grouped it all together to store over the summer!
I shall be back with another make tomorrow too.  Plus an idea for a swap.


Wendy said...

I don't blame you I would not want to take a chance on ruining it either. Such a lovely drawing.

Jill Eudaly said...

very nice, good luck with ink on the next one!

Anonymous said...

You are so very talented. I love seeing your work.

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