Saturday, 14 July 2012

A rare evening out.....Boscundle Manor

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We never did get a chance to do anything for our 14th wedding anniversary at Easter, so a couple of weeks ago we thought that we would try a meal at Boscundle Manor which is about 2miles from our house.  Unfortunately they had weddings for the next two weeks....then yesterday we got a table.

So for the first time in ages I put on a dress, dragged out some heels (yes the back and hip did manage to survive me walking in them, but only just), baby sitter arrived and off we went.
Firstly we went to the bar for a glass of wine and then some canapes were brought out.  Part of which was a hot carrot and coriander soup in a shot glass and it was lovely. Some music but nothing that blasted your ear drums, I must be getting old.
We ordered our meal and then sat chatting for a while.
We then moved to the dinning room, we had the table for two by the window at the back of the picture.
I decided on scallops for starter and hubby had asparagus with goats cheese with side bits which I forget.
Followed by Duck (we both had the same!)  and then for dessert I had a gorgeous Pecan tart with ice cream in a small brandy snap basket case.  Funny how I can remember the dessert so clearly!!  Hubby has a slate which was covered with cheeses and crackers with grapes.
Gorgeous dinner!
Due to a need to sit easy after all that we moved this time to the lounge  to finish our wine.  It was dark by now so please picture here with lights and lots of candles.
There were several other groups but not a large number of people at all.  At one point we were the only ones in the dinning room!
I spotted this lovely piano but this night there was no one playing but the atmosphere of the room was very relaxing.
Boscundle Manor is a Spa and Hotel and Dinner is available to non-residents so if you are visiting Cornwall near the Eden Project it might be worth a visit.  Just Google Boscundle Manor, it will come straight up and it has details of all of the facilities etc.
I am not a food critic and i do not want to bore you all with in-depth text about my dinner, simply to say it was lovely and we will definitely go back for another special occasion and I am thinking of looking at the Spa days for a future girls day out with friends.  Will let you know if I do.
Take care.


Tatkis said...

What a lovely place for a special event!


Toffeeapple said...

I'm glad that you finally found the time to celebrate. It seems to be a beautiful place.

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