Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Par and Looe Beach Cornwall

After our meal on Tuesday we decided to go to our local beach.  I hoped to find some shells for my art lessons next year and Sophie was itching to have her first summer paddle in the sea.
There were lots of people who clearly had the same idea as us and the number of dogs swimming in the sea and running around was surprising.  Dogs love the water and there were no trouble whatsoever.  One did decide to shake right by me which resulted in an apology by the owner but having grown up with German Shepperd's it was by no means the first time that has happened.
We walked all the way along and Sophie's job was to find interesting shells that my students would b able to draw shapes and colours from.  I took these pictures under cover yesterday as the sun was so bright I could not see what I was doing!  Must not complain as it is a nice change not be to soaking wet every time I go out of the front door.
This is tiny little shell and is not longer in use by its original owner but has to much detail on it.
Blogger has spun this picture round.....I have a shell book which I have had ever since I was about 8 years old and we are going to try and match up these shells an identify them, so some learning is involved too.
This is a lovely shape.  One of Sophie's finds.
These are now in a shoe box ready to go back to school along with some shells that we collected years and years ago.  They will be used a lot and I intend on doing some drawings with Sophie today using these and the shell book.  I shall post any pictures if they are any good.
Yesterday hubby has a boat survey to do in Looe so we tagged along and sat on the beach for a couple of hours.
Another glorious day, we are really being spoilt at the moment and we intend on making the most of it too.
The beach was very busy with looks to look at and the water seemed very blue indeed today.
Not so good for shell hunting but the sand is excellent for making sand castles.
Sophie's bucket broke a couple of summers ago so as a treat we bought her a new one.  Could not go to the beach and not make sand castles, so this one has a tower and a section of wall all in one.  Hope that makes sense, and with some help as the mould/bucket is quite heavy when full of sand she made her castle.
Next was a moat and water was needed.  It took a few minutes for Sophie to notice that no matter how quickly she filled the moat t was being soaked up by the sand so she then made a channel from the moat to the incoming tide and them it filled up straight away.  She then stood on her castle "defending" it until the sea took it over. 
The day was rounded off with fish and chips on the beach in polystyrene boxes which are bad for the environment but excellent for making basic printing blocks!!!
Great day all round!


Poppy Cottage said...

What wonderful shells. Our beaches are more pebbles and we very rarely get shell. and chips!!

dottycookie said...

We are heading to the beach later this summer - can hardly wait!

Jill Eudaly said...

My middle daughter is heading to Virgina Beach tomrrow. It's a long trip with her friends...driving 8 hours by car! But trips to the beach are so good for ones soul. Thanks for sharing.

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