Friday, 25 May 2012

Zentangle Patterns

After trying out some Zentangles a bout 6 months ago I decided at Easter to devote a small A5n sketchbook to these fascinating patterns.  Above shows one that I created using pen and watercolours to add a different depth.
This is a similar idea but without the colour.  Looks completely different doesn't it?
This is using a sharpie pen and I started with a paisley shape outline and then just kept going.  I realise that different shapes etc can have different meanings, but I am literally just doodling.
Tried adding more black to the background and it does make the images stand out more.
Then compare that with this example which has been finished off with watercolour paints.
I really do enjoy doing these and I really wish that I had more time to do more.  I have had the firs set of Zentangle homework in from Year 7 and they have done brilliantly.  I have put some up on display.
So this is my Zentangle sketchbook so far and I hope to tangle some more.
If yo have not tried this then have a look at some of the Videos on You tube  which will show you some zentangles actually being created and it is fascinating to watch.


Toffeeapple said...

I have tried it but it doesn't seem to suit my personality unfortunately. I like those that you have made.

Indigo Blue said...

A few of my first attempts were not that great but then you soon get the hang of it!

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