Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Sophie's Artwork

My 9 year old daughter loves drawing and making just about anything.  She likes to see things take shape and become reality, especially if the idea is hers.
Sophie also likes my Polaroid Pogo Printer.
So last weekend I showed her how to take some pictures of her latest creations and then print them out.
They are usually stuck on her wardrobe with blu tack.
Sophie likes to draw anything.  Fairies are very popular.
Toadstools seem to be appearing more lately as well.
Jolly sea creatures.
The above picture was one that she had in a dream and wonders if I could make it?!!
Once all of the pictures had been printed off she stuck some on to the cover of a small sketchbook and the rest inside it.  She says that she will draw in the book and add pictures of any that are too big to glue in.
I think a Polaroid Pogo may need to be in Santa's sack in December, what do you all think?


Julie said...

Wow! Sophie you are a wonderful artist! I love the duck and the toadstools and the octopus looks very happy.

wonderwoman said...

i think this will definitely be on santas list!xxx

ladybelle1234 said...

What a talented young artist! Love the duck!

Toffeeapple said...

She has very good control over the pencil/crayon doesn't she?

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