Monday, 28 May 2012

Mini Master Piece

....well it might be a master piece, what do you think?
I love to visit Alisa Burke's blog and in April she had a great post about going outside of your comfort zone.
For her it is to paint small, to work on small pieces.
The post is here and the art work is brilliant.

I thought about it and seemed to remember buying a very small canvas just before last Christmas with the idea of making some stocking filler drawings.
The drawing is linked to a design that I did ages ago for a silk scarf but also links to some of the work that I am doing as part of the on line Sketchbook Delight class that I have signed up to do.
This canvas measures 6cm x 8cm and I used watercolours and a black fine liner to add the detail.  It dried very quickly so I have to work quickly.
Despite the size it was really satisfying to make and  have a such little work of art.  It sits on my white dresser in the kitchen.
I found the little canvas in Truro Arts and next time I am in there I shall see about buying some more, at 69p each it is a fun thing to do with Sophie and a challenge due to the area available to draw on.
What is the smallest thing that you have ever made?

1 comment:

Ali said...

Your finished canvas looks really pretty. I like the colours you've used. Ali x

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