Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Jubilee Quilted Mug Rug Project in Popular Crafts

Several months ago I approached Katherine at Popular Crafts and was asked to submit and idea for the Golden Jubilee issue.  This is the current issue and I was kindly sent a complimentary copy.
This submission was never intended to have a fee instead I am hopefully going to appear somewhere in an issue further along the line and I did have a mention in the blogs to see section a couple of issues back.
Being such an important event I was a little worried about this to start with.  What if my idea was not good enough.  Katherine was very trusting and when I said a Mug Rug with a Jubilee theme I was given the go ahead.
It has to be the most nerve wracking project to date.  Well it is an important event and this issue will be remembered too.
A fashionable pink polka dot mug rug with floral binding around the edge.
You can see roughly when it was made by the lovely yellow daffs. 
Unlike Sew Hip where they took their own pictures, Popular Crafts used my photos in the magazine which is a new thrill and I simply had to use my Cath Kidston spotty tea cup  and matching tea pot which my SIL kindly gave me.
I hope to work with Popular Crafts sometime in the future and a big thank you to Katherine for helping to sweeten the very bitter pill dished out by All Craft Media who publish Sew Hip magazine.  If you are a member of Ravelry pop over and read the comments about this publishing company, very very blunt to say the least.  Basically they have gone into liquidation.  I have kept quite for over a month now but I have been in contact with the liquidators and even they have not bothered to reply!
  Basically , my work was used, I am owed £150 and I am unlikely to ever get paid!!!
I would like to work with other magazines, especially Mollie Makes but I shall want some key questions answered first in future.
It has been suggested that perhaps I would be better off writing a book and putting all of my ideas in one place instead.
Anyway....I am being let out of school today to go on an Art Textiles course in preparation for September, which I am really looking forward to including the train ride down to Falmouth Docks as the course is taking place at Pendennis Castle.  Should be a good day.

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dottycookie said...

I saw that project and thought how gorgeous it was - I wouldn't want to put my grubby mug on it, but I may well adapt it into a cushion cover. Beautiful!

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