Sunday, 13 May 2012

Having a Ball - at the Eden Project

Due to photographic regs I am not allowed to print pics of the students.  Ironically, they are likely to have pics splashed all over Facebook but those are the rules.  So I have a few pics to show.
It has really rained here in Cornwall for most of April and May threatened to do the same, but on Friday everyone was so lucky.  
All day it had been blue skies and sunshine.
Above is the main visitors building and  a great view of the Bi-omes whilst eating.
I was lucky enough to come to the Eden Project for the Ball last time 5 years ago and we had a finger buffet.  This time it was a three course sit down meal.  A lot of time had been spent sorting out the table arrangements.
Numbered tables with seating plans, place cards with names on.  Little silver bags of sugar almonds for the girls and little boxes in the shape of tux for the boys. 
Tomato and Basil soup
Roast Beef
Chocolate Torte.
I do try and make an effort when it is my year group and it is about the only time that I have an "up-do! Seeing as my hair is bob length the ideas were a bit limited so I took some silk flowers and hair pearly bits and left it all in Gemma's capable hands.
She did use some tongs that I have not used before and I was rather impressed at how they worked.  My hair is quite fine and a pain to style as it falls out easily, but this worked well.  May have to treat myself nearer Christmas for all the upcoming parties and boat trip.
When I was having my hair done on my wedding day my hairdresser at the time said that to keep silk flowers in twist a bit of thin wire around the stem and make a hook on the end.
Carefully push it into your hair and the hook will help to keep in, but try to place the flower right first time as you can not pull it out due to the hook!
It really works and I have used this idea on Sophie too.
It can be a bit of a struggle at the end of the evening to undo it all but is it very secure whilst dancing, then of course at least half a can of hairspray!
Due to the 5 year gap I decided to wear the same dress again.  I weigh the same but things seem to have shifted slightly so I did need to let out what had been taken in last time.  But I am proud to say that at 42 I was wearing a size 10!!!!!
Does wonders for the ego.  But I doubt I shall be wearing this in 5 years time.  I may go next year just to get another wear out of it!
Anyway, it has a burgundy over skirt with a very dark burgundy under skirt and matching top bodice.  Lots and lots of beads and sequins.
The over skirt gathers round to the left hand side and this bit of fabric hides all sorts of issues and is finished off with a fabric flower.
I added a little lacy bolero which I bought a couple of years ago and some black sling backs and Hey Presto a knackered teacher transformed into a half decent Ball guest.
The ballroom dancing was the best I have seen and I have attended several of these functions and they really enjoyed it.
Then it was off for after ball partied while the staff limped off to their cars with very sore feet and probably fell into bed while the students carried on partying under parental supervision into the early hours.
So a very enjoyable evening and next week the exams start in earnest.


dottycookie said...

That looks like a fairytale evening; I am so very impressed at how gorgeous you looked. Fabulous flower trick too - I shall have to try that with my girls

MelMel said...

You look lovely...great hair...fab dress!

Indigo Blue said...

I forgot to mention the necklace. I shall take a picture of it and post later.

Thank you for the nice words. It is fun to dress up every now and then.

DIAN said...

Your dress looks fabulous. I imagine it looks more glitzy in "real life".

I would love to go to the Eden Project but it is a bit far from me here in Australia.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful event and you looked stunning!

Julie said...

Your dress looks absolutely gorgeous and so does your hair. Those wire things work well in the hair don't they? Lovely to see another view of Eden too :-)

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