Thursday, 5 April 2012

Seven Sisters Sheep Sanctuary

This post will be full of a ridiculous amount of cuteness!  Are you ready?
Yesterday we visited the Seven Sisters Sheep Sanctuary and there we found many lambs which had only been born a couple of days ago.  One was born that morning but the Ewe was understandably very wary so no picture was taken.
The above lamb is a day old.   Ahhh!
This little lamb was very keen to see who we were and was typically the black sheep of the group.
Some of the lambs were very wobbly on their feet and others were literally jumping up and down like they had been fitted with springs in their hooves.. Spring has certainly sprung.  The weather was also very good to us and the sanctuary was very busy.
This cheeky sheep is a milker and it was not clear why it was in the shed along with lambs and their mums but this sheep loved all of the attention!
This lamb was several days old and was so interested in what was going on around him. a good coat starting to grow as well.
We also saw some sheep with rather ornate horns some had been removed I presume for safety reasons.  They looked quite heavy to be carried around.  This one posed rather well I thought.
We ten moved into another room which had large bags of sheep fleece with the names of the different breeds written down.
Also a rather splendid spinning wheel.  I had a go on one of these when I took a group to Cold harbour Mill  in Devon a couple of years ago.  Tricky to use but could easily become addictive.
Bags and Bags of fleece.  I was hoping that I might be able to buy a bag for my GCSE Textiles group to see and try out some hand spinning, but this was for display only.
This display showed a bit of hand spinning, unfortunately I could not get very close but it was interesting to read.
Then behind me was this weaving loom.  Again, much more could have been made of this but it was fascinating to see the much coarser and thicker sheep fleece being woven.
The shop had very little that  felt was related to the sheep there.  Some mini weaving looms would have been a good idea.  Sophie spotted a pom pom sheep keyring.  It was great to see so many young lambs and Sophie had never seen them that young before and the word cute was used constantly.  A good few hours out.  You could take your own lunch and spend a day there as picnic tables and a large grass area had been cordoned off for families to use.
A lazy day today as hubby is not very well at all and my SIL partner has a bad cold and the rest of us are so tired from work and school.  Sometimes I wonder if breaks and holidays are good for you after all!
I did manage to finish another WIP yesterday evening which I shall post about tomorrow.

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Toffeeapple said...

Definitely a post of cuteness. Those lambs are ridiculously pretty. Since fleece is so cheap and difficult to sell, that they would have had some for sale, what a shame. Good that Sophie enjoyed herself.

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