Thursday, 12 April 2012

Messenger bag - Updated

I have just added the above to my Etsy shop this morning.  There are more pictures in my shop, I did not want to over load this post with bag pictures.  The handle is adjustable by moving the knot up or down which removes the need for a metal slider.  The knot does not get in the way, I use a bag which uses my method of adjusting the strap.
Free P&P for UK buyers and feel free to ask any questions.
I started a new style bag yesterday and I am going to try and convert it into a pattern or PDF instructions, depending on which method is easiest for someone to receive and use.  Printing off patterns is ok but printer ink is not getting any cheaper, buying a paper pattern adds to the postage but you can draw a simple pattern using brown parcel paper!
I have signed up for two more craft fairs, one in July and one in November.  I have also found another contact number which I shall try today for a different venue.
Are you a craft fair organiser?  If you are could you please leave a comment or email me as I would very much like to pursue other dates for this year.  You can see what I do and the standard of my work also I enjoy the atmosphere of the fellow sellers and the visitors who come to have a look.

I have some coursework to check today and then I am off to make some items for July plus draw up a plan for the classes I want to start running locally. Fun and easy to afford are my two main criteria!
It was our wedding anniversary yesterday, 14 years, so I shall be back with some pictures of our National Trust visit that you may also be interested in doing.

PS I have just arranged another craft fair and I shall now be adding the dates and times in the side bar in case any of you could pop along and say hello!  We do need to support handmade and local produce as much as we can.  There is nothing better than a birthday present that you can not find in the shops. 
If you need to know any postcodes for Satnavs then leave a comment and I will do my best to help.


Tatkis said...

Lovely bag! Congrats with your new fairs!


Indigo Blue said...

Many thank, I have just signed up for a third as well. best get sewing!

John said...
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