Monday, 27 February 2012

There is a silver lining...............

I have been fortunate to have my run of Giveaway luck to carry on with my name being pulled out of a bowl by the cutest little dog I have ever seen!  Over at Pomona's blog three books were available to win.  Mine arrived this weekend wrapped up in fabric and a lovely card advertising a B&B that Hubby now wants to visit!
The fabric is covered with lots of pins.
A lovely feel to the fabric too.
Th book is  handy size to take everywhere and is absolutely packed with all kinds of designs with clear charts and colourways.  Guess what I have not done?  Taken any pics? No, what a twit!  I shall be back.........
It is now Monday evening and I have now taken some pictures.
Every page is full of detailed charts like the ones above.
Lots of different kinds of animals including these cute cats.
There are so many flowers that did would be difficult to know which to do first.  Just by changing the colour combinations all occasions could be made for.
This little angel is just sooooo cute.
Would look great in Christmas Colours.
So many thanks Pomona and her lovely little dog for picking me for this great book.


Gill said...

Congratulations on your win!
I love the 'pin' fabric!

Carol said...

Congratulations, lovely little book.
Carol xx

Tatkis said...

You've been lucky too, Andrea :)


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