Monday, 6 February 2012

Postage Charm Quilt Fabric Swap

A few posts back I said that I had signed up to the Postage Charm Quilt and we needed to state how many squares and what size we wanted to swap and receive. 
I chose 2 inches (quite frankly I do not think that I can concentrate on anything smaller) and my swap partner is Samantha in Australia.  I sent 100 2 inch squares to Samantha.
I thought I would pick out some really eye catching fabrics, they were all great and I do not have any of them in my collection. 
I like the ones above, very bright and bold and the circles really appeal.  Very different to anything that I have already, which is the point of swapping squares in the first place.
On the other side of the coin, there are the fabrics above which are more likely to be the type of fabric that I would buy.  We are due to swap again in a month or so time (with someone else I think) an I wonder what will arrive net time.
I am still cutting up any scraps that can not be used for anything else in readiness for the next swap and to begin making something with the square's that I have.
Any Ideas?  It does not have to be a quilt by the way, I do already have one on the go, but it was the chance to use a different size of square and join a group that really appealed.

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katelnorth said...

I'm not part of that swap, but I'd be happy to swap some 2" squares with you, if you'd like (or heck, I'll send you some free of charge - but that would defeat the purpose of you getting rid of yours, lol). Let me know!

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