Friday, 24 February 2012

A good start to the weekend....

This is one of my favourite zip purses and when I got home i found that it will now be going to a new home!
I will now need to make some more of these as I have a craft fair coming up and of course a website to think about.
It has gotten the weekend off to a good start along with a meal out with a small group of colleagues where I actually had a good laugh, good conversation and nice food.  Oh I so needed that after the last few months.  Several in the group have had issues recently and could also do with cheering up so hopefully we will be able to arrange another evening out in the future as we all enjoyed it so much.
Off to wrap and pack the above item and send off tomorrow.


Pomona said...

It's very pretty - no wonder it was snapped up!

Pomona x

Tatkis said...

Beautiful pouch!


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