Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Recycled Cards

I thought that you would like to see something that Sophie and I made together at the weekend.
Old Christmas cards, hole punch, old pinking shears, thin ribbon, sentiment stickers.
For several years Sophie and I said that we should recycle our cards and make them into something, and this time we did!
We cut the cards into shapes and punched a hole.
Sophie added the stickers on the back and looped the ribbon through.
We soon had a small pile of tags ready for next Christmas.  Any cards not used were put in the recycling and the above tags have been put safely in one of the small dresser drawers where we will be able to find them.
Our organising of 2012 is still going far.
What you do with all of your Christmas cards?
I was sent a lovely card two years ago by Lise at The Chocolate Cat with a round patchwork cushion on it and I have kept it as a bookmark as I liked it so much.


Josie said...

we keep this years cards so we know who to send to next christmas then last years are made into tags as well, I make them in the shape of a brown parcel tag.

Josie x

Tatkis said...

What a great idea! Not only recycling but making beautiful tags!


Chocolate Cat said...

Looks like lots of fun! and a good organising job done. Glad you have a new bookmark!

Lynn said...

This is a great idea! I always pack my cards with the card holder and then the next year, I recycle them. I am going to give this a try!

Yarny Days said...

Yes! My mom used to make us do this when we were kids. Recycling!

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