Tuesday, 24 January 2012

London Science Museum Summer Visit

That would be Summer 2011 that I am referring to.  I was going through my Picassa file and noticed that I had not posted about our visit to London.  For the past few summers we have been visiting my sister in law in Seaford and if we can a trip to London has to be done.  We live in Cornwall to it is quite a distance to manage otherwise.
So off we went on the train and first visited the Natural History Museum to mainly look at the Egyptian exhibits because Sophie was doing a project on them in the September.  Then it was off on the underground to ..............

..........the Science Museum above.
We just wanted to see it all, but there was one exhibition there which really interested me and is not normally there.
An exhibition on how the fashion industry is trying to combat landfill and recycling of fabrics and other materials.
There was a lot of information about possible new fabrics of the future.  I hope you can see the text as I did not have a notebook with me, tut tut!
This dress was really eye-catching and I had to really think where I would start to actually put this together.
Carefully folded pieces of newspaper.  How many do you think there are?
It looked even better in the flesh.
I did manage to take pictures of some of the information posters which explained some of the garments.
The above information goes with this eye-catching white dress.
Sorry about the reflection in the glass, did my best to avoid that.
This is a message that I cover as part of my lessons.
It was only a small exhibition and it was a pity that it was not publicised more but Sophie was very interested in what she saw.  The next generation needs to be well informed.  Roll next Summer as i think we would like to try the Art galleries next.

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Toffeeapple said...

There are some very modern ideas there but I wonder how workable they might be? Our local Council will recycle clothing so anything that I have that isn't good enough for a charity shop goes to the recycling and - I don't have to carry it any further than my front door, that is a decide bonus!

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