Monday, 2 January 2012

I have just started.........

Just before Chrsitmas whilst out trying to find some stocking fillers I came across the above book.
I remember the BBC TV series fondly and it is sometimes still shown on the Yesterday channel although I am often at work or miss it due to working in the evening.
I am looking forward to a nice cup of tea, a sloice of cake and several chapters of this.
I shall let you know how it goes, by the way I found it in ASDA.
I have completed my first make of 2012 but not taken pictures yet so that is to come plus a belated blog anniversary giveaway and would anyone be interested in an Easter Swap this year?
I am back to work tomorrow so off to try and get some sleep.  Even after nearly 17 years i still do not sleep well the night before a new term, I have no idea why.  That is where the reading of all the books comes in, th relax and then sleep.
Take care all


MelMel said...

It's such a good book......a little different from the TV adaptation.....

Laurie said...

I'm doing a late blogaversry giveaway, too! I might be interested in an Easter swap; what are you swapping?

Chocolate Cat said...

I'm not committing but I may be interested! ideas? Good luck for the new term.

Twiggy said...

I LOVE the House of Eliot and watched all of it recently on ITV3, me and my Mum would phone each other for a catch up about it :)
I can never sleep the night before my return to school, which will be Friday for me and tomorrow for Twiglet.
I might be interested in an Easter swapsie, tell us more.
twiggy x
Ps Happy New Year

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