Sunday, 11 December 2011

Squiddley has arrived..............

Squiddley has arrived in the UK!!!!
I would like to thank Clare for sending him so quickly, in fact he is in time for a Christmas make.

Also inside was this cute little card and a very striking business card which I have stored away safely.
My only problem is not having the right fabric.  So I think a trip round the fabric shops on Etsy is called for this afternoon.
I now need to go and finish the second of three project submissions for a magazine.  I am not allowed to say anymore but the first should appear after Christmas, I will let you know nearer the time.  I love having a deadline etc.  I was astounded and really chuffed when they said that they wanted all three if the ideas that I put forward.
Maybe one day I will have the chance to do a book, you never know.  Although I did make a book of my quilt blocks with Blurb dot com.  There is a link in the side bar if you have not heard of them before.
Last week i also started this...............
A friend at work passed it on.  It is about a lady called Lydia who has survived cancer twice and decides to open a wool shop.  It follows the lives of the women who attend her beginners knitting group.  I am only on page 97 and I am enjoying it so far.  There are many books by Debbie Macomber in the shops at the moment.
Worth taking a look at.  I have also been making 8 skinny scarves for a local commission as a result of the craft fair that I did last month.  I am definitely not making anything financially with this but I hope that it may lead on to other things in the future.  So I have been busy making but I can not show any of it here just yet.  I also have about 5 copies of Mollie Makes to catch up on too. 
Roll on the Christmas break!!


Toffeeapple said...

Such wonderful news about the magazine, congratulations!

clare's craftroom said...

Hi I'm so glad Squiddley arrived safely , that was fast !

Neabear said...

Squiddley is so cute! Glad you got it safe! Debbie Macomber is one of my favorite authors. I just finished reading on of her books. I am about to re-read her Shop on Blossom Street books starting with the first one and continue on through the series and get the ones I missed before.


Chocolate Cat said...

I haven't heard of those books so will have to keep an eye out. Well done on your projects, can't wait to see them revealed. I can't wait for the break either!

Tatkis said...

Such a cute toy :) hope you'll make it soon!
Have fun with the book!


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