Saturday, 24 December 2011

Birthday Treats

Having a birthday so close to Christmas is not great really.  It gets swallowed up with all of the Christmas preparations, people are busy and everything is often booked up more than a year in advance.  So I have learnt to plan small and simple and the day is often a lot of fun.
So this morning I had only a little breakfast as we planned to have lunch at a local pub.  I then opened some lovely presents with Sophie sitting very close to me, she absolutely loves birthdays and gets very excited no matter whose it is.  Such enthusiasm is infectious and she makes it  all the more enjoyable.
I have enjoyed watching the programmes last year and this which go with the books shown and hubby found both on Amazon for me.  They are the kind of books to go back to and inspire ideas.  They are also fun to read.
 Needle or machine felting is a lot of fun and I have enjoyed several Embroiderer Guild classes on this but this book will also be useful to show Sophie too.
The craft book has some lovely project ideas and it is the colour combinations that I like to look at.
There are lovely pictures to look at all through both books.
Handmade Home also has how to make jam and pickles.
We had a lovely quiet lunch at a pub which we have been to for birthday meals before and we were the only ones there....sign of the times perhaps.
Afterwards we went to Wadebridge which has a little cinema and watched Puss in Boots which was really good and 2 hours just flew by.
I was also spoilt with some Cath Kidston items which included a lovely fountain pen.  Fountain pens have had a bit of a revival recently on this side of the family ever since Sophie found out what they were and everyone found one which they "used to use". Then new ink has been bought and pens have been dusted off and they are now used with renewed enjoyment.  The one I still had I used at school and you can not get the right size cartridges anymore, so new lovely Cath Kidston one was given from Sophie.  I think Hubby helped with this.   Of course a pencil case is needed to look after the new pen so I shall start the new term all kitted out.
I shall show the compact which my sister bought another time along with some buttons as it is late and I need my beauty sleep, seeing as I am now a year older (sigh).
I also realise that many may not be tuning in for the next few days but you can catch up with my posts in the New year and I might forget to post if I leave it.... does not take much for me to forget you see.
It has been a lovely quiet day which I wanted.  The first birthday that I did not have wishes from my Dad which did seem odd and a card without his name. Hmm, there will be alot of firsts for the next few months.
Well, best get my bedtime cup of tea......xx


Laurie said...

Happy birthday -- very cool book! I'm sure you'll be inspired. And, Merry Christmas, too!

Andi's English Attic said...

Glad you had a wonderful birthday.


WendyCarole said...

happy birthday

Josie said...

Happy Birthday! hubby's birthday is on christmas day!

Josie x

MelMel said...

Happy Birthday!
Such great gifts!

Merry Christmas!x

Toffeeapple said...

Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas too!

Carol said...

Happy Birthday, glad you had a nice day and Happy Christmas to you and yours too.
Carol xx

Chocolate Cat said...

Sounds like a perfect Birthday to me! Lunch and the movies with some lovely gifts xx

Tatkis said...

Happy birthday Andrea!
Hope that new year will bring a lot of wonderful events to you!


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