Thursday, 15 December 2011

All that Glitters.......

For the last day today I asked my Year 10's to create some Christmassy item ideas that would be suitable to make with a 4 year old.
They had loads of fun making these and they certainly liked going back to a time when making thing like this would have given them pleasure and a sense of achievement.
They may be 14/15 years old but they said that they had been lokking forward to this all wek and had no problem thinking of what to make.
All of ther snowmen reminded of the scene in The Snowman when they all meet up at the North Pole for a party!
Over the past few years penguins seem to have featured quite highly at Chrsitmas time.  I even have a Christmas craft book with them in.  So the two above were made and turned out really well.
He is such a cute little chap.
There was glitter, PVA, silver paper and cotton wool all over the place.  However a lot of fun was had, they thought how they might be able to translate what they had made so that  4 year old could tackle it that what things would they need to have to make the item again.  There was a more serious side to things which they understood, but having some fun was also high on the list of things to do!!

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Lynn said...

How adorable! I love, love, love Snowmen! Merry Christmas!

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