Thursday, 3 November 2011

Zentangle Patterns

A short while back I mentioned about creating some off-the-cuff patterns and then whilst looking for something completely different on YouTube I found ZENTANGLES!!
Now, to start with I thought oh yes, I doodle when I am on the phone, in a boring meeting etc so what is so great about this?
Well, it is portable, addictive and fun!! The above is one of my first attempts using cartridge paper and a black sharpie pen.  I widened each of the outside loops which seemed to bring out each of the layers even more.
This is a pattern which is linked to a project which I am doing at school.  Year 7 are making a hand stitched mini wall hanging based on one of the four elements.  I used water to do my example and I got the vote of approval today.  I like to show that i can do the work as well as set it.
I shall show you some of their work next week once I have photographed it and marked it.
I have been watching keenly the work over at Crafty Panda who has produced some of the most fantastic patterns ever!!  Do go over and have a good look at her current post but also several over the past weeks.  Your jaw will drop!  They are sooo cleverly done, very well drawn indeed.  Do take a look at Youtube as well, there are loads of clips which you can watch and pause to try the ideas yourself.
I did have a go at adding some watercolour paints but I am not so sure on this.  I think that the colours need to be much bolder, but I shall try some more ideas and see where it leads me.


manda said...

I'm stealing that first drawing idea for myself!! Don't worry, I'll give you credit. Thanks so much!

Kitty said...

I've never heard of Zentangles, but I like what you've done here very much - both the monochrome and the colour. Very cool work! x

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